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Xmas Cart 2014

*Update * “Xmas Cart 2014” is no longer available to order. It will be back on sale Xmas 2015, along with another xmas game.

“Xmas Cart 2014” contains two festive-themed games.

“Stocking Filler” is a game reminiscent of ‘Kaboom’ by Activision. The player must fill their stocking with all the falling presents while avoiding falling bombs.

“Save The Trees” is a fast paced shoot-em-up game of survival where the player must dodge or shoot falling presents and snowmen while ensuring to destroy every bomb that falls before it reaches the bottom of the screen and ruins Christmas!

The first 10 copies sold contained (at no extra charge) a modified cartridge with a USB connector to power a colour-changing christmas tree which sits on top of your Vectrex! Very festive 🙂

7 thoughts on “Xmas Cart 2014

  1. I would like to buy a copy, hopefully the Christmas trees are still available!


    Adam Ford

  2. Not sure if I was in the first ten or not but I look forward to playing this cart! If I get this before the end of the year, I will review it on my website!

  3. Thanks Jeffrey.

    Please note any orders taken from today (18th Dec) will not be processed until 5th January (EPROMs on back-order).

    All existing orders will have been mailed out by the 19th.
    Thanks, and a merry xmas to you all 🙂

  4. If you got the Christmas Tree, did it come inside the cart box or loose?

    1. The Christmas Tree came in a transparent plastic box of its own. Both boxes were posted within a larger cardboard box. The carts that came with the xmas tree have a USB port on the bottom-right of the cart to power it.

  5. will the 2015 Christmas cart have the tree with them again? very cool idea and would like to preorder when possible

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