Coming Soon…

Games currently in development or awaiting release :


Lightgun Games

A pack of lightgun games for Vectrex, along with an adapter to allow use of a Sega Light Phaser. More info in Vectrex Roli’s video preview :


Demon / Nagoya Attack

Demon is a spaceship shoot-em-up game inspired by the Atari 2600 game ‘Demon Attack’ by Imagic.


Nagoya Attack is a ‘Space Invaders’ inspired shoot-em-up game which requires quick thinking and memorisation to progress.



*Please note* Game screenshots are from early versions of the games on the ParaJVE emulator. Game appearance may differ from the finished product.


59 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Looking forward to the cartridge version of the games!

    1. Waiting for the upcoming stuff… great work!

  2. Thanks! So am I 😉 Hopefully I should not be waiting on cartridge shells too much longer…

  3. Can´t wait for those games to be released!

  4. If you have an e-mailing list for people interested in buying these games on cartridge, please include me on the list….I’m interested! 🙂


  5. Are these carts available yet. I am very interested in purchasing Death Chase and Reaktor, and probably the others as well!

    Joe G.
    Houston TX

  6. Thanks for your interest! These games will be available in 2015 most likely in the following order :

    Death Chase / Nox (early 2015)

    Frogs ‘n’ Flies/Vector Pong/Sky Diver (early 2015)

    Demon / Nagoya Attack


  7. Yes, I’m interested as well – please contact me when these carts are made available.

  8. Can’t afford a cartridge, but will donate if you release ROMs.

  9. looking to purchase any of these games that are available. how do I accomplish this?

    1. Thank for your interest. Sign up to the newsletter to be informed when these releases go on sale.

    2. any games available currently

  10. All seems to be great games!
    Specially (for me) Frogs’n Flies as I love Frog Bog on my Inty system. Please offer all original options (tongue, jump in water or not, …) and perhaps more game modes instead of making a boring Frog Feast-like!
    Congrats for making new vectrex games, your Xmas cart is great!

  11. Looking forward to all of these.

  12. Hi, I am interested in Frogs and flies, please let me know when its ready. Thanks

  13. Resally looking forward to NOX 🙂

  14. WOW, I just discovered your site. Well, I actually found out about it during the holidays, but just realized I can get on the mailing list for upcoming games. Can’t wait, your games look great.

    1. Did you ever pick one up?

  15. I have the NOX wrap on order. I can’t wait to purchase NOX with the overlay. Is there a reserve list or is it first come-first served?

    1. NOX/Death Chase will be available ‘soon’ (hopefully before the end of the year). Unfotunately we have been patiently waiting on the overlays being produced since February! (Lots of problems getting the correct colours). There is no preorder list. Once the games are ready to ship, it will be announced on the subscriber email and on this website.

  16. Please sign me up for your newsletter. All your games look fantastic. Definitely want carts and overlays.

  17. Thanks for ur great work!

  18. signed up for newsletter

  19. I am looking forward to Death Chase, sign me up for the news letter and mailing list! Thanks

  20. Also interested in the newsletter…

  21. signed up for newsletter

  22. Can’t wait for Death Chase! Signing up for the newsletter. 🙂

  23. Thanks Chris (and Jim?) for this beautiful work !

  24. looking forward to deathchase!
    singet up for newsletter again, to make shure I#m on the list

  25. I’m really excited to see some new overlays! Please keep me up to date on game availability.

  26. Also signed up for the newsletter!

  27. wondering if I missed the release of these games

    1. All of these are still ‘coming soon’. Currently planned for cartridge release are : Galaxy Wars SL followed by Nox/Death Chase and then a compilation cartridge (to be sold via Packrat). After that it’ll be Frogs n Flies/Vector Pong then Demon Attack/Nagoya Attack. With a bit of luck (and a lot of hard work 😉 ) all of those will be released in 2016.

  28. Very good news. I love new vectrex games!

  29. please sign me for up for the newsletter, thanks!

  30. looking forward to the ” Nox ” cartridge

  31. i like your work from the start ^_^… please get me involved to get a cart.
    really nice job


  32. I very much am looking forward to the DeathChase game as it was one of my favorites in the arcades

  33. Want you Nox/ Death Race cart please ..

  34. Also interested in the newsletter…

  35. signing up for the newsletter!

    1. didn’t get the email, trying this again

  36. Sign me up for a cart of non please!

  37. Want to order NOX, is it available?
    Also sign up for newsletter.

  38. Can’t wait to pick up copies of both Nox and Death Chase!

  39. Haven’t bought a homebrew for a while, but these seem worth it!

  40. would love to buy the two latest homebrews

  41. Really looking forward to this- thanks so much for creating and sharing this 🙂

  42. Take my money!!

  43. Want all your releases. Put me on the list and take my money!!

  44. Please put me on the list to buy NOX / Death Chase.

  45. Twiddling Thumbs with anticipation…

  46. Can’t wait for Nagoya Attack! Looks great.

  47. Just discovered your site. Do you accept paypal only?

    1. Hi Tracy,

      Usually yes. If you’d like to pay another way, just let me know how you’d like to pay.



  48. Looking forward to light gun games and demon attack

  49. Vectrex is not a past . It’s a future !

  50. Signing up for the newsletter

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