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Every Day Is Halloween (FREE ROM DOWNLOAD)

As a gift to all you locked-down Vectrex fans here’s a free ROM download of my 2018 game “Every Day Is Halloween”.

Download Here

Stay safe people.


6 thoughts on “Every Day Is Halloween (FREE ROM DOWNLOAD)

  1. Thank you very much!

  2. OMG Thank you this is amazing!!!

  3. Sadly I can’t get this working on my Vectrex with VecMulti. Locks up after the title screen?

    1. Hi Dean, Did you try running the patcher.exe on it?

  4. I’m having issues with this game on Vextreme (doubt it’s causing the issue though). The screen warps and goes wonky for a second sometimes when enemies move up into the upper right hand corner by the score. I assume this is not intended behavior. My Vectrex screen is perfectly calibrated to center, and DAC adjusted correctly, both done a couple months ago. Has anyone else had this issue with this game?

    1. The issues are with the Vextreme, apparently the LEDs can cause trouble.

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