Nox / Death Chase – Update!

We are happy to say all pre-ordered copies of the second run of Nox/Death Chase are now finally on their way!

Thanks for your patience, it will be rewarded soon 🙂



Nox / Death Chase is now SOLD OUT.


Happy holidays,

Chris and Jim 

15 thoughts on “Nox / Death Chase – Update!”

  1. Any chance you’ll do a repressing? I literally didn’t check the site for 1 day and it’s sold out :/

    Also, we have a death race port for the 2600 we wanted to get liscesned but the exidy liscense holder wanted wayyy too much for. We were thinking about relaasing it as death chase 2600 but would like your blessing/make some arrangement. Please contact me back if you have any interest.


    1. Hi Mike, There is is a high likelihood of another run in the future but it will probably not be until there is sufficient demand. Best way to stay informed is to sign up to my newsletter (using the checkbox below). I’ll shoot you an email about DC 2600. Thanks!

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