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Binary Star Software is Chris Malcolm, a professional software developer based in Glasgow, Scotland. A Vectrex owner since around 2004, I finally got around to programming games for it as a hobby in 2012 and haven’t stopped since 🙂

As I’ve had a couple requests for one, a link for donations can be found here : paypal.me/BinaryStarSoftware

Thanks for your support!


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  1. Please let me know when The games can be purchased on cartridge. I plan to use PayPal. I am located in the USA.

    1. NOX cart w/death Chase… availability?

      1. NOX/Death Chase will be available ‘soon’ (hopefully before the end of the year). Unfotunately we have been patiently waiting on the overlays being produced since February! (Lots of problems getting the correct colours). There is no preorder list. Once the games are ready to ship, it will be announced on the subscriber email and on this website.

        1. Thank you for the update! Ian mentioned the color issues to me regarding the overlays. Waiting on the Yasi overlay as well.

        2. Just discovered your site/game. Absolutely stoked to play death race on vectrex. I helped port it to the 2600 but never got around to releasing it because the liscense holder wanted way too much. That being said I’d love to buy one once you go through pre orders. If you can add me to a list or something that’d be great.

  2. Certainly. The first cartridges should be ready for sale within 2-3 months.

  3. Ah Al. Are you regrowing your Vectrex collection?

  4. 2-3 months hehe! A little too conservative an estimate there! Busy year 😉 Aside from the Xmas Cart, two releases will be available early 2015.

  5. Is it possible to make some kind of Wolfenstein or Doom mod for Vectrex? Or even put up black and while animated gifs?

    1. It could be possible, there are a few way to go about this but it’s not a project I’d be interested in. Animated (vector) images are no problem. Raster/’Sprite’ images can be displayed but this seriously limits what can be done on screen. I think a game of this type would be better designed from scartch, playing to the Vectrex strengths, rather than slavishly trying to recreate DOOM or Wolfenstein on the hardware. Otherwise, I doubt it could be done very well without an additional FPU or other processor doing all the grunt work.

  6. These games look great, please keep me updated about the new cartridges. I sure I will order one.

  7. Hi
    Newbie to the vectrex community, I would like to be informed of any future impending cart releases for purchase.

  8. Excited about NOX and other future releases. Signing up for your newsletter. Thanks!

  9. Thank you for your great Vectrex stuff that you have coded! So far my favourite is Frogs ‘n Flies. Keep up your excellent effort!

  10. Looking forward to your Vectrex games on physical carts. Signing up for you news letter.


  11. Great Stuff! Thanks for your contribution to the Vectrex community. Looking forward to NOX being released!

  12. Well done keep me informed of new releases.

  13. I can’t wait to check out the games! I just got my Vertex!

  14. Hello

    How do I become a “Member”?



    1. If you are asking how you sign up to the newsletter/mailing list, just check the box at the bottom of the page and enter your email address,

  15. Hello! Sorry to post this here, I didn’t see another form of contact. I bought the Christmas 2014 cart from the original owner. It appears the USB port no longer works, as the tree works when plugged into my computer. I’m guessing it was damaged in transit. Any chance I could send it to you for repair?

  16. How do I purchase?

  17. where can i buy it

  18. The overlays look great, fingers crossed for the release

  19. Will .BIn files be available of Nox or Death Chase?

    Are any pre-release versions available now?

    1. I’m afraid ROM downloads are not planned at the moment. NOX and Death Chase will be available soon on cartridge only in a run of 100.

  20. Great games, keep up the good work!

  21. Newsletter signup.

    Great stuff coming!

  22. Newsletter signup. ta

  23. I would like to be included on the list for upcoming games.

  24. Hello please sign me up for the newsletter. Thanks.

  25. Looking forward to the new games, sign me up 😀

  26. Just posting to subscribe. I’m looking forward to some new Vectrex Carts!

  27. excited for new releases!

  28. Really innovative work, looking forward to your new releases.

  29. Please add me to your newsletter. I am interested in your future game release along with Light Gun cable if you have make them available. Thanks, Jon

  30. Sing me up too! Very interested to hear news ´bout future releases and waiting for the NOX/Death Chase… Keep up the good work!

  31. Signing up for the newsletter!

  32. Please sign me up for newsletter. Want that Nox/DeathChase stat!

  33. Hello, I thought I was on the mailing list. I guess not! Trying now.

  34. Sign me up buttercup. Cheers!

  35. just grabbing your free stuff and signing up for the mailing list… i was hoping to make it to Revival but my car has other ideas…
    keep up the good work chaps…

  36. Let’s try signing up for the newsletter again!

  37. Sign me up so i can buy 500 copies of my own game and clime the home brew charts.. there is such a thing, right?

  38. i want one!! sign me up, please!

  39. Just here for the newsletter! Looking forward to some new releases.

  40. When is Nox/deathchase being released?

  41. sign me up for the newsletter please… thanks!

  42. Death Chase is awesome
    Sign my up for the newsletter, I thought I was already.

  43. Are these homebrews available to ship to the USA?

  44. Is shipping to the USA available??

  45. Ok so is THIS is where I sign up 🙂 …..

    interested in my first Homebrew for Vectrex 😉 Death Chase, there’s a Death Race cab a little over an hour drive for me @ Funspot \o/

  46. Awesome looking products. Please, sign me up!

  47. Just signed up for the newsletter

  48. Hi Chris,

    I would like to get all 3 new and amazing Games!

    I would buy NOX, Death Case and Space Launcher, please


  49. Looking for a link to buy death chase and NOX

  50. Great work for a great console! Please sign me up to your newsletter. Good luck with all your projects. O

  51. newsletter subscription!

  52. Please let me know when Nox / Death Chase + Galaxy Wars / Space Launcher is available again.

  53. Was excited to receive my games today, unfortunately it appears some one along the way decided to jump up and down on the box. Is there any way to replace the Nox/Deathchase box? Also Galaxy Wars/Space Launcher is coming to the title screen and resetting or shutting down my Vectrex. Help!!! Still excited about your products though, Thanks.

    1. Hi Jim, Replacements are in the mail. Cheers, Chris

      1. Hi Chris,

        I was trying to find a contact us page but couldn’t see one, I have been pointed in your direction to obtain a replacement game case. Could you email me at robsgamerepairs@gmail.com ?


  54. Hi. I’m interested in a copy of NOX/Death Chase. Can you say when the next release may happen?

    1. It will happen as soon as we receive the next batch of overlays. Hopefully not too much longer now, the job has been with the printers for the last couple months.

  55. Hi I have made a payment for some time ago, don’t I get any confirmation about my payment or anything?

    1. Hi Peter,

      I’m afraid we have not been sending any email acknowledgements (other than those paypal sends) but I can give you a status update. The second run of overlays is being printed this week so will be in our hands soon. Once we receive the overlays, the second batch of Nox/DCs will be sent out. I will inform everyone on the mailing list of this as soon as they are available again. Apologies for the delay but unfortunately we have been waiting since August for our overlay order to be fulfilled.

  56. Hi BinaryStar,

    I’m trying to connect with you about some Vectrex work I’d like to commission. Is that something you do / would be interested in?

    Please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jesse, Sounds interesting! I have replied via email.

  57. Hi how much is postage of the xmas cart to the uk? I’m interested in orderibf

    1. UK postage is £5, thanks.

  58. Will the Death Chase/Nox cart be re- run?
    Just got a Vectrex and discovered this site would love to get a copy. Signing up for the newsletter.

  59. Not sure how I missed this excellent release, any chance for a further run?

  60. Another dc/nox run would be great 🙂

  61. All your games are a nice addition to the Vectrex library. I found out about your site a little late but will keep an eye out for future releases.

  62. hi Chris,
    just signing up for the newsletter and declaring my interest in your next run of DC/Nox…
    (also in the UK)

  63. Hello,
    Hope to have another run of Nox for example I miss it

  64. Very interesting! I only found this page because I was looking for someone in Scotland to help me repair a pair of Vectrexes. Now I know there are new games, I want to repair them even more! Any advice on who could help me would be most appreciated by the way ☺

    1. Hi Steve, I’ve had one of my Vectrex units fixed locally by a tv repair man in the past. Where are you based? The guy I used is here : https://ihnenelectronics.co.uk/ Otherwise, I’d scout for oldschool tv repair people in your area. You could always ask for help on UK arcade forums such as jammaplus.co.uk or ukvac.com.

      You may also be able to find people to help repair on the Vector Gaming Forums http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/board/20 , Atariage http://atariage.com/forums/forum/182-vectrex/ or the FaceBook Group “Vectrex Fans Unite”. I hope that helps restoring your Vectrex to it’s former glory 🙂

  65. Hi Chris trying to get in contact but have been unable to find your email?

  66. I’m interested in your new releases as well.

  67. do you have a mailing list for upcoming product availability?

  68. Signing up for the newsletter…

    Learned about you via the Facebook Vectrex page…

  69. Signing up for the newsletter and watching out for the next run of NOX/Death Chase!!!

  70. Hi there,

    I came across a post on the vector boards where you talk about high score saving and kindly provided a link to Alex Herberts ‘vec1wire’ driver – that was just what I was looking for so thanks!

    Could I ask where you get the PCBs for use with the DS2430? Do you get your own design made or are such PCBs available anywhere?

    I’m working on my first Vectrex game and would like to have a dabble with saving (probably 3) high scores & initials.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Steve, Apologies for the long delay in replying, it has been quite a while since I logged on! You can get PCBs which support the 1 wire chips from Jim at clockworkrobot.com.

      Good luck with your first release!

  71. Please put me on your Newsletter. Hoping for another run of Death Chase some day …

    1. Good news! A new run of DC/Nox is happening very soon. I shall send a newsletter out as soon as they are available. Thanks for your patience 🙂

  72. Signed up for the Newsletter. Got your LED-Pumpkart Everyday is Halloween at ebay. Fantastic game, very addicting. I’m using the thickest Gel Light Filters I could get (for photography at Amazon) in a red-orange combination for that game. I cutted them by hand and it works great with your game.

    I also want to have Nox/Deathchase badly. And your Lightgun games, if you’re still working on them. 🙂

    1. Addendum: The Skull Soccer bonus game would be great to play with my teenage son and daughter. They’re playing a lot of Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch. 🙂

    2. Good news! A new run of DC/Nox is happening very soon. I shall send a newsletter out as soon as they are available. Thanks for your patience 🙂

      Lightgun games are happening too this year, watch this space 🙂

  73. Hi Chris,
    I’m very interested in “The Breaks” with MIDI for my chip music project. I saw your video and that is somthing I can really use in my retro studio. Can you please email me. You can see my latest work here, but it would be nice to have a Vectrex representing in my setup!

    1. Hi Sajtron, currently “The Breaks” is still unreleased but I still have plans to release in the future.

  74. Hi Chris,
    I’m interested in a spinner controller as well as DC/Nox.

    Joining your newsletter. Thanks!

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