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Xmas Cart 2015 (FREE ROM DOWNLOAD)

As a Christmas gift to you all and for the benefit of anyone still waiting on their cartridge arriving, I have made available a ROM download for use on your Vectrex flash-cartridges or emulators such as ParaJVE.

Xmas Cart 2015 contains two games :

Parcel Panic

In “Parcel Panic” you play as one of Santa Claus’ helpers, using your grabbing arm to pick presents off the assembly line conveyor belts. Santa Claus doesn’t tolerate mistakes so be careful!



Space Tree X

“Space Tree X” : The further adventures of the tree that saved Christmas! A fun shoot-em up in the mold of Atari’s Asteroids.




Xmas Cart 2015 – FREE VERSION


Enjoy the games!

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.


5 thoughts on “Xmas Cart 2015 (FREE ROM DOWNLOAD)

  1. Two fun new games! Thanks Chris

  2. sweeet! thanks so very much

  3. Been having fun with this cart! Thanks for making the ROM available for everyone to play. Looking forward to any new releases in 2016. ^_^

  4. Received both Xmas carts and totally amazed! I’ve been having fun with these. The quality in these games is top notch! Think my favorite is Parcel Panic. Keep up the great work Chris. I look forward to your future games.


    P.s. – 6809 forever 🙂

  5. Another quality title, keep them coming Chris!

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