Xmas Cart 2015


Xmas Cart 2015

I will be making 5 ‘limited edition’ cartridges (the larger box pictured above). This cartridge differs from the regular edition by including a small LED christmas tree attached to the cartridge which flashes in response to game events.  These cartridges will be awarded to 5 customers (order numbers will be randomly selected by computer).

For those who wish to buy a ‘limited edition’ tree, or for those who missed last years release, I have made available a double pack including “Xmas Cart 2014” and a LED modded “Xmas Cart 2015” cartridge. Please note that there are no colour-changing USB modded trees available with any release this year, only the modded LED tree cart.


Parcel Panic

In “Parcel Panic” you play as one of Santa Claus’ helpers, using your grabbing arm to pick presents off the assembly line conveyor belts. Santa Claus doesn’t tolerate mistakes so be careful!



Space Tree X

“Space Tree X” : The further adventures of the tree that saved Christmas! A fun shoot-em up in the mold of Atari’s Asteroids.



Ordering Information


Xmas Cart 2015 is no longer available. There is a ROM download available for use with flashcarts and emulators.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


16 thoughts on “Xmas Cart 2015”

  1. >>For those who wish to buy a ‘limited edition’ tree, or for those who missed last years Cartridge, I have made available a double pack including “Xmas Cart 2014”.

    does it mean I get a multcart or two carts + a tree?

    cool anyway – thanks!

  2. Hi pucpuc, the double pack will include the 2015 cart (with LED tree mod pictured lit above) as well as a 2014 Xmas Cart.

  3. This looks great! I’m excited to play this, and my order is of course placed. Maybe next year we will see “Spike Saves Christmas” or “Black Friday Beat-down” or something like Scramble with Santa in his sleigh and Rudolph shooting lasers out of his nose and Santa “bombing” presents into chimneys. Maybe call it “Kringle”?
    Merry Christmas,.. Everyone!

  4. Placed an order via PayPal. Hopefully the item is still available.
    Great idea and a nice item for my vectrex! Merry Xmas.
    BTW where did you bought the LED christmas trees in 2014? Still available somewhere else?

    1. I figured it out! I have a 16mos. daughter that is usually in my lap so I didn’t get to read thoroughly earlier! PayPal sent, thanks so much for your creativity!

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