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DIY Vectrex USB power cable

Something that might come in useful (especially to those of you using Laurence Bennion’s excellent new UV overlay) is adding a USB port to your Vectrex to provide power to a UV LED strip such as this one :


I made a simple USB power box using a spare USB extension cable, a Sega Genesis/Megadrive  joystick extension cable (DB9 plug end) and a plastic box which a Raspberry Pi came in years ago 😉

To make you own, all you need to do is use a USB socket (or cut one from a USB extension cable as I did), and connect the two outer VCC and GND pins on the socket to pins 7 (+5V) and 8 (GND) on the DB9 joystick extension cable. Add shrink tubing to the DB9 plug cable and solder the wires to the relevant pins on the USB socket.


Once you are happy with the soldered connections, shrink the shrink tubing to protect (or do as I did, cover in hot glue and hide your sins in a box 😉 )

Now, you must shave the end of the plastic plug to fit the  Vectrex port and you are good to go!


  • Please note :
  • I do not accept any responsibility for damage to your Vectrex by using the USB power cable, use at your own risk!