Vector Clock (Free ROM Download)

Just for fun, I made a simple vector clock for Vectrex. Dont expect the timing to be super accurate but it does stay in sync for quite some time  😉

You can adjust the hour by pressing and holding button1 and holding the joystick in the left or right direction to adjust. Minutes are adjusted in the same way with button 2. Button 3 resets the second hand and button 4 toggles minute/second dots on/off. The clock plays one of 13 different pieces of music every hour.

Free ROM Download :

Change Log:


  • Button 4 now toggles second/minute dots on/off.


  • More accurate timing
  • Speed adjust (0-25). Larger values increase clock speed.


  • Initial Release

8 thoughts on “Vector Clock (Free ROM Download)”

  1. Awesome!! I would run that around the clock to use it as my regular clock (if the power consumption wasnt’t that bad and there was no harm to the screen/electronics in the long run)! The Rip-Off overlay fits perfectly! Thanks for the ROM! 😉

  2. How about a VectrexRoli Clock theme? The Numeral could be the the theme items. The hands could be the characters chasing each other.

    How about a Death Chase theme similar to the football (soccer) idea?

  3. How about a version of Vector Clock with an Alarm. And said alarm not only has a sound, but also flashes an LED on the Cart as an additional attention getter.

    The flashing LED track would be the same one used for the Xmas cart.

    In addition to flashing an LED, the feature could also be used to connect an external device via an optoisolator or small relay to control something like an air horn, a bell striker, or a coffee pot.

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