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Frogs N Flies (Beta Version)

A (not great quality I’m afraid) video of the beta version of my new game ‘Frogs N Flies’ can be viewed here :


10 thoughts on “Frogs N Flies (Beta Version)

  1. You either have a great handle on the math, or an excellent understanding the conversion needs. I am betting on both. Nice work on this game.

  2. Thanks. There’s no complicated maths needed for a game such as this though 😉

  3. Awesome!
    But I cannot see a download link anywhere.

    1. I’m afraid there is no download link for Frogs n Flies. It will be released soon(ish) in cartridge format (with 2 other games). A ROM release may follow, once I stop selling the cartridge version.

  4. just wondering if you could let me know when you have the frogs and flies cartridge ready for sale. also wondering if you know where I could score a vecvox deluxe or vecvox? or any other good home brew stuff?

    1. Frogs N Flies will be released next, I’ll let everyone know via the newsletter as soon as it is ready to go. For a VecVox, try Madtronix. He is a busy guy though, so he may take a while to get back to you. For other Vectrex homebrews, check out Packrat, Tutstronix and Revival Studios

      1. My daughter is ill at home and I thought I might give Frog’ n Flies a try. Couldn’t find the binary, though. 🙁 Is it available, somewhere?

        1. Not yet I’m afraid but it will available in 2016. Hope your daughter gets well soon!

  5. It’s 2017, did you release any downloadable binary for Frogs N Flies?

    1. No ROM download I’m afraid but it appears on ‘Bits n Bytes’, a compilation release I have put together for Packrat Video Games.

      See here :

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