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Doodle (Free Download)




Doodle is a simple vector drawing application.


Use an analogue joystick in port 1 (or Lightpen in port 2 for the Lightpen version).

Joystick/Lightpen : Move cursor

Button 1 : Clear screen and reset to center

Button 2 : Hide/Show cursor

Button 3 : Draw to selected point

Button 4 : Move to selected point

Doodle will beep if the line you are trying to draw is too long or if you have ran out of lines (maximum of 255 lines).

Happy doodling!

Free ROM Downloads

Joystick Version

Lightpen Version



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Just a little sound toy I made a while back. It makes a rough emulation of a the theremin (musical instrument) using the Vectrex sound chip and may be controlled by one or two analogue joysticks.

Screenshot :

Use analogue joystick(s) to control the V-Theremin.

Button 1 = Toggles Mute
Button 2 = Toggles between 1 and 2 analog sticks for control.
Button 4 (on either stick) allows you to crudely play melodies without moving up and down to control volume.

When using 1 joystick :

Joy 1 Y Axis = Volume
Joy 1 X Axis = Pitch

When using 2 joysticks :

Joy 1 Y Axis = Volume                                                                                                 Joy 2 X Axis = Pitch

Download :

Have fun!

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Xmas Cart 2014 (Free ROM Download)

“Xmas Cart 2014″ (FREE VERSION) contains two festive-themed games.

Download :

“Stocking Filler” is a game reminiscent of ‘Kaboom’ by Activision. The player must fill their stocking with all the falling presents while avoiding falling bombs.


“Save The Trees” is a fast paced shoot-em-up game of survival where the player must dodge or shoot falling presents and snowmen while ensuring to destroy every bomb that falls before it reaches the bottom of the screen and ruins Christmas!


Merry Xmas and a happy new year 🙂