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NOX/Death Chase and Galaxy Wars/Space Launcher


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18 thoughts on “NOX/Death Chase and Galaxy Wars/Space Launcher

  1. Hi Chris, any thoughts of doing a classic box/overlay for Galaxy Wars?

    1. Hi Gregory, no plans for that at present. The Vectrexians overlay suits Galaxy Wars/Space Launcher rather well though!

      1. Sorry for the late reply! Yes you are right.
        Looking forward to future releases

  2. Is nox/deathchase still available by chance?

    1. Yes, preorders for the second run of Nox/Death Chase are still available. The games will be sent out as soon as we receive the overlays from the printers.

      1. Awesome!! What would the price happen to be?

        1. Information is on the order page (scroll down, below the xmas cart). Thanks.

  3. Updated my email as there was an error in it so i was not recieving notices.

  4. Hi,
    I ordered Nox / Death Chase and Galaxy Wars / Space Launcher on October 8th.
    When do you send them?
    thank you


    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately there were many delays with the printers who make our overlays for Nox and Death Chase. I am happy to report we have now received the overlays and your orders will start mailing next week. Sorry for the long wait but it was out of our control.

  5. Hello !

    You write NOX / Death Chase Preorders are on the way –
    I orderered 17.09. and just checked my PP account.
    There is no Orderinformation… Where can i look if mine is on the way?

    1. Your order is on its way. I’ll send tracking info to your email address.

      1. Thanks for the quick Information
        Happy Holidays!!

  6. Thirsty drivers need more copies.

  7. Hi!

    Definitely interested in Nox / Death Chase if there is another run. 🙂

  8. When will you have more copies of Nox and Death Chase with overlays.
    I will order straight away when you do.

  9. Please sign me up for the Nox re-release and Maximum Overdrive!

  10. Definitely interested in a copy of NOX / Death Chase when there is another run. Games look amazing as well as the overlays and box artwork.

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