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AY 38912 Sound Tool (FREE ROM DOWNLOAD)

The “AY 38912 Sound Tool” allows you to manipulate the AY sound chip registers.


Left/Right on joystick to select sound register.

Button 1 retriggers the hardware envelope.

Button 4 and joystick L/R to change values.

Button 3 changes values in steps of 10, Button 2 steps of 100.

You can save into 4 slots by holding down on the joystick and pressing button 1-4. You can load these slots by holding up on the joystick and pressing buttons 1-4 to recall.

Download Here!

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Bits N Bytes

Bits ‘n Bytes is a compilation of seven simple games and applications, available soon from Packrat Video Games.

The cartridge Includes :

Vector Pong : A Ping -pong game for 1 or 2 players.

Frogs n Flies : Eat-em-up game for 1 or 2 players.

Hex : Shoot the enemies and avoid barriers for bonus points in this twitchy action game. 1 player only. Supports Atari Driving controller in port 2.

Space Race : Avoid the asteroids and complete ‘laps’ of the asteroid field to win. 1 or 2 players.

Quick Shot : Test your button mashing skills. 1 player only.

Doodle : Use the Vectrex light-pen or joystick to doodle drawings on screen.

Vector Clock : A clock application for Vectrex. Plays a random short piece of music every hour.